Tod Kilgore – IT Consultant
Highly experienced technology executive and business leader with a record of developing and supporting the successful delivery of various technology innovations across multiple venues. Detail-oriented leader consistently recognized for improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency in both IT and business operational incumbencies.

A builder of high-performance teams and a natural motivator who thrives in environments requiring both a big-picture strategist and an execution-oriented tactician. Extensive experience building, cultivating and managing relationships, driving sales growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Skillful at establishing process improvements that advance performance levels and drive company objectives.

– Exceptional leadership that aligns business processes, IT infrastructure, and fiscal oversight to realize cost savings, accelerate performance and sustain strategic flexibility.

– Focused on growing revenues and elevating organizational productivity through efficiency, technical infrastructure, and overall system security.

– Versed in executive-level leadership and administration, with expert knowledge of crisis management, strategic planning, and implementation of upgrades / new technologies.

– Technically savvy and a quick study in emerging technology, able to quickly assess and utilize the appropriate response to meet the specific needs of the business requirement at hand.

I do specialize in UNIX/LINUX administration, online Customer UI/UX Experience, CRM / SFA Development, Customer Support, Consulting for Web services, Customer Negotiations, New start-ups. Database Schema, Project Management, Platform Architecture, Design Teams, Development Teams, Q/A teams, Call Centers, Social Media Marketing, Cloud Computing/Networks Integrations and Systems Modernization.