Pinterest is a fairly new social media sites that have the unique twist of allowing its users to communicate with vibrant images. All you need to do is pay a quick visit to the Pinterest about page and you’ll learn that Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard that lets you share anything that to find out the Internet. To put it simply imagine several pinboards hung on your wall and each time you find something interesting in a magazine you without that page and pin it on the board so you’ll be able to find it later without having to go to through the magazine again. Pinterest is basically the same thing just on the Internet.

As soon as you have signed up for an account you’ll be able to create and customize boards that will fit your own personal interests.
You can also follow other users and search for images to re-pin. You can also choose to share your pens on Facebook and Twitter. Each time a pin is re-pinned it will draw more traffic to wherever the images are being pulled from. There will be countless images for you to look through included links to delicious recipes, fantastic decorating ideas and even travel destinations that you’d like to visit someday.

One great aspect of Pinterest is that it allows users to basically browse through the content so they could see exactly what they want to see and avoid having to browse through content that they have no desire to see. Pinterest users are in complete control over what they see on the Internet. They no longer have to do while searches or read through a large amount of text in order to get the information that they want. This website is a great way to catch consumer’s interest.

Tod Kilgore